LA-born, Paris-based writer interested in the intersection between relationships, place, and the uncanny.

Originally from Southern California, Lauren Sarazen lives in Paris, France. She graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Creative Writing and received her MA in Literature from Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, where she is currently working towards her doctorate examining feminist “art monsters” smashing literary genre conventions.

Lauren’s short fiction appears in Hobart, Juked, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and The London Magazine. Her story “There Are No Stars Here, Either” placed second in the Australian Book Review’s 2021 Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize. As a freelance journalist, she’s had the pleasure of writing for The Washington Post, Elle, Vice, Air Mail, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and Shondaland, among others. Combining her love of journalism and her academic pursuits, she enjoys writing literary criticism essays and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

Lauren is currently querying In The Blue Hours (81,000 words), a suspenseful work of literary fiction following a young artist struggling to connect with her artistic intuition while working for a sinister immersive experience company in Paris. This propulsive, character-driven novel explores an enthralling and insidious work culture, toxic romance, and parties you won’t want to leave, while painting a portrait of an artist facing her fear of putting pencil to paper. When she’s not nursing a dirty martini at a jazz gig or perfecting her left hook, she’s home working on her project Show Pony, a gothic novel in direct sunlight. Come for a dose of escapism on the Côte d’Azur and stay for a twisty ride through the perils and pitfalls of parasocial relationships and the quest for online fame.