Montmartre Coffeeshops

I’m unabashedly passionate about cafés. Spend five minutes with me, and you’ll know I thrive on the buzz of a good flat white in the company of perfect strangers. If you live with a pet, you too will know the perpetual distraction of trying to work with soft paws batting at your ankles...

Paris Flea Markets

As a self-proclaimed vintage aficionado, I love trawling flea markets for old school treasures. Moving to Paris didn’t end the obsession—rather, it gave me access to even older finds.

Tasting Americana in Paris

Who would travel all the way to Paris to eat American fare?! For expats, however, there are moments when a warm baguette and baked camembert just won’t cut it. The only solution is BBQ, STAT.

Trumpets of Spring

Spring is springing! Daffodil season is finally here! I’ve always loved daffodils—or jonquilles, en français—for the irrepressible joy they bring with them.

Petite Conne

Open since 1999, 0fr. is a bookshop, art gallery, publisher, and project midwife. With “diffuser, distribuer, soutenir la créativité” as their credo, there’s not much they won’t do.