Paris Flea Markets

As a self-proclaimed vintage aficionado, I love trawling flea markets for old school treasures. Moving to Paris didn’t end the obsession—rather, it gave me access to even older finds.

Tasting Americana in Paris

Who would travel all the way to Paris to eat American fare?! For expats, however, there are moments when a warm baguette and baked camembert just won’t cut it. The only solution is BBQ, STAT.

Trumpets of Spring

Spring is springing! Daffodil season is finally here! I’ve always loved daffodils—or jonquilles, en français—for the irrepressible joy they bring with them.

Petite Conne

Open since 1999, 0fr. is a bookshop, art gallery, publisher, and project midwife. With “diffuser, distribuer, soutenir la créativité” as their credo, there’s not much they won’t do.

Enfin Printemps

Finalement, L‘Équinoxe de printemps est ici!  With the changing of the seasons, Spring brings a return to sunny, albeit crisp, picnics in the park, ballet flats sans tights, and daffodils sprouting in the most unlikely of places. 
After being cooped up all winter,





Dimanche à Paris

I’ve become accustomed to waking up to church bells. Growing up in Southern California, the river of traffic lulled me to sleep at night, through the roar of motorcycles racing up and down Crenshaw Boulevard and the rare, desperate screams of ambulances. During college, I lived at the Shaffer...

Temps Suspendu

When I was a kid, I liked to play something I called “The Apartment Game.” This entailed imagining my future life as a twenty-something living in an apartment. Hello, adulthood! Turning 20 seemed like a mythically distant event, a milestone I’d never





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