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Freelancing and Other Life Lulls

Since two more of my friends moved to London at the end of February, Paris has felt extra vacant. Sure, it doesn’t help that as a freelancer, I spend most of my day alone...


Anti Social Club

I realized my quest for solitude was becoming a problem when I befriended the pigeon at roost outside my bathroom window. I tap on the glass and he pecks back.


Allo Chômage

A few days ago, my boss took me to coffee. She complimented my lipstick and asked after my weekend. I should have known something was so deeply wrong.


One Year

Summer has arrived. The elegant ladies of Jardin du Palais Royal have declared it so.


Temps Suspendu

When I was a kid, I liked to play something I called “The Apartment Game.” This entailed imagining my future life as a twenty-something living in an apartment. Hello, adulthood! Turning 20 seemed like a mythically...