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Weekend Links #6

This week has been full of beginnings! I joined a new library, got back on track with eating healthy and making time to work out, and worked on my french in the evenings. My...

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Weekend Links #5

Last weekend’s summer weather left me dreaming of beach days, sandals, and popsicles, but the clouds have rolled back in. I guess it’s still spring after all! It’s been another week of applying for...

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Weekend Links #4

It really feels like spring! The sun is out, and jackets have been an evening afterthought. I feel so free—more so than I have in months, and I really do believe it’s the return...


Weekend Links #3

Last weekend, I found myself juggling visitors, personal projects, and my peace of mind. Juggling is decidedly not my forté. I chose two out of three and let my writing projects slide. This week...


Weekend Links #2

It’s Friday! Fri-YAY! This week has been so exciting, and I’m thrilled to say that the weekend will be no different.


Weekend Links #1

After a quiet weekend, I was surprised to realize I had tons of interesting things to share! While I didn’t get up to much, I did find quite a few things on the internet...