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I’m borderline obsessed with Instagram. I’m a Millennial—I can’t help it! Generational stereotypes aside, Instagram gives you the world at your fingertips. I’ve loved discovering cool corners of Paris, new art expos, magazines, and other creatives and entrepreneurs around the world. I’ve been thinking more and more about the power of social media, and how it can be used as a tool for sharing and inspiration. I’ve made it my mission to curate my feeds—trimming the negativity and focusing instead on content that empowers, inspires, and informs. I want to discover new places, unique ways of seeing the world, small businesses that fill niches, authors and publishing houses! I know that sounds a little bit pretentious, but let’s put it this way: these women are my Instagram girl gang—my daily dose of radical creativity.

Looking for some new gals to follow? Search no further mes amis:

70’s Babe Brigade

instagram girl gangCanadian model/LA stylist, Claire Oleson effortlessly channels that playful 70s vibe that’s all the rage. For motorcycles, 70s style, and badass attitude, look no further. While she might seem like one of the cool kids you were too intimidated to approach in high school, I’ve met her and I promise she (probably) won’t bite.


La Vie Parisienne

Instagram Girl GangJeanne Damas is living my best life. Shots of her arty, yet sophisticated apartment; selfies with messy, tousled hair and blood red lipstick; and her irrepressibly Parisian pals have me wondering what Paris she’s living in, and how can I start swimming in those waters. For my fellow Francophiles, tuning into la vie de Jeanne is my number one suggestion for adding a little French flair to your life. You can even shop her look via her clothing label Rouje.



Instagram Girl GangSadie Stein probably thinks I’m a creepy internet stalker because I like all of her photos and my twitter is mainly me retweeting her witty remarks, but that’s okay. She’s rad. I have no shame. If you’re a fan of The Paris Review, you’ll fondly remember her days as their daily correspondent.


The Pigalle Sisterhood

Instagram Girl GangThese gals have their fingers on the pulse of Pigalle. I’ve yet to see them out on the town, but I want to meet them. We live in the same ‘hood, so why not?!



Instagram Girl GangWe already know I love Sweetbitter, but can I just say that I haven’t been this excited about an author since I discovered Joan Didion?! Stephanie Danler is operating on my wavelength. She shares poetry she’s loving, places she’s visiting, and snaps pictures of her book on display at bookshops around the world with relatable glee.


Take Me to Melbourne

Instagram Girl GangMy friend Julia turned me on to a group of Melbourne-based creatives last summer, but I’m absolutely obsessed with Rosaleen Ryan’s company Mamoru. I love how she incorporates pressed flowers into her jewelry! When she advertised for a workshop assistant a couple months ago, I wanted to hop on a plane! What a dream job! If I had pierced ears, I wouldn’t leave the house without a pair of these beauties.


Renaissance Woman

Instagram Girl Gang

If you wanna talk about “having it all,” look no further. Engineer by day, rock band bassist by night, and all-around motorcycle badass, Tamara Raye ticks all the boxes. Her Instagram is mainly motorcycles, and I’m certainly not complaining. Her shots of road trips give me a serious case of wanderlust.


Laurel Canyon Forever

Instagram Girl GangEmma Elizabeth Tillman posts snaps taken with her 35mm film camera. I love her attention to detail and use of lighting. Varying from the esoteric to magazine photoshoot outtakes, her Instagram feels slow and dreamy. You really can’t go wrong.


Pin Up Perfection

Instagram Girl GangMusician, pin-up model, and vintage enthusiast Kacie Marie keeps things interesting. Her vintage-inspired photo shoots for Instagram are often risqué, but remain artistic. Her album Silver Planet drops in September, and you can check out a few songs on Spotify!


Féministe Féminine

Instagram Girl GangI found Fanette through photo shoots for Parisian designer Marilyn Feltz. I adore her styling and wish I could figure out how to get these vintage beauty looks down! Her Instagram feels like stepping back in time.


Desert Dreaming

Instagram Girl GangKime Buzzelli’s been an inspiration since I was 16. Her artwork captured my imagination from the start, and though I can’t remember how I discovered her blog, let me just say that The Moldy Doily was my bible. I loved reading about her designs, vintage finds, and Echo Park shop Show Pony! Nine years later, I’m still inspired by Kime’s artistic, playful approach to living.


I could keep going, but I’ll leave it here for now. Following any badass women? Comment below!

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