Life and Times

Two Eves (and other weekend reads)

It’s been awhile, I know…blogging regularly just isn’t in me. I’m working on it. A lot has changed since I last wrote about life in Paris. Against all odds, I managed to score a B2 on the TCF French exam last May, which led to a last-minute scramble to apply to the Sorbonne...

Recommended Reading: Valentine’s Day

Last week, I sat down to write an article about love stories—ideally including a majority of happy endings. It was going to be simple: so many of our most beloved stories have love at their core. I was excited! I’d even weeded out most of my bittersweet favorites to keep it upbeat, and I was...

Paris Flea Markets

As a self-proclaimed vintage aficionado, I love trawling flea markets for old school treasures. Moving to Paris didn’t end the obsession—rather, it gave me access to even older finds.

Some French It Girls (and other weekend reads)

This week has been full of beginnings! I joined a new library, got back on track with eating healthy and making time to work out, and worked on my french in the evenings. My desire to improve my language skills comes in bursts. It sounds absolutely terrible, but there are days (weeks, months...

Instagram Girl Gang

I’m borderline obsessed with Instagram. I’m a Millennial—I can’t help it! Generational stereotypes aside, Instagram gives you the world at your fingertips. I’ve loved discovering cool corners of Paris, new art expos, magazines, and other creatives and entrepreneurs around the world. I’ve been...

Tasting Americana in Paris

Who would travel all the way to Paris to eat American fare?! For expats, however, there are moments when a warm baguette and baked camembert just won’t cut it. The only solution is BBQ, STAT.

Blossom Report! (and other weekend reads)

It really feels like spring! The sun is out, and jackets have been an evening afterthought. I feel so free—more so than I have in months, and I really do believe it’s the return of brighter days. It makes me dream of a future where I can fly away to someplace warm for the Parisian winters...

Trumpets of Spring

Spring is springing! Daffodil season is finally here! I’ve always loved daffodils—or jonquilles, en français—for the irrepressible joy they bring with them.

Is Travel Writing Dead? (and other weekend reads)

Last weekend, I found myself juggling visitors, personal projects, and my peace of mind. Juggling is decidedly not my forté. I chose two out of three and let my writing projects slide. This week I made up for lost time: squeezing in extra writing time, blog planning, setting up an interview for a...