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Weekend Links #1

After a quiet weekend, I was surprised to realize I had tons of interesting things to share! While I didn’t get up to much, I did find quite a few things on the internet...


Petite Conne

  Open since 1999, 0fr. is a bookshop, art gallery, publisher, and project midwife. With “diffuser, distribuer, soutenir la créativité” as their credo, there’s not much they won’t do.

paris sacre coeur 0

Freelancing and Other Life Lulls

Since two more of my friends moved to London at the end of February, Paris has felt extra vacant. Sure, it doesn’t help that as a freelancer, I spend most of my day alone...

sweetbitter sweetbitterbook stephanie danler 2


It’s 2006. There are no iPhones; Williamsburg is on the precipice of gentrification; and Tess is pounding the pavement looking for a job. Compelling, sensory, and uncannily relatable, Stephanie Danler’s Sweetbitter follows a young woman’s sensory awakening...


Anti Social Club

I realized my quest for solitude was becoming a problem when I befriended the pigeon at roost outside my bathroom window. I tap on the glass and he pecks back.


The Dud Avocado

We never tire of reading about Americans in Paris. Somehow, despite reeking of clichés, tales of their adventures retain their youthful, starry-eyed allure.


2016: A Year in Books

There are a lot of “Year in Review” pieces floating around the internet, but  I don’t want to review my year. 2016 sucked. Books don’t.



“The christening took a turn when Albert Cousins arrived with gin.Fix was smiling when he opened the door and he kept smiling as he struggled to make the connection: it was Albert Cousins from...