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Frances and Bernard

Flannery O’Connor and Robert Lowell met at Yaddo, a writer’s colony in Saratoga Springs, New York, in 1948. They continued writing letters to one another until O’Connor’s death in 1964.


Allo Chômage

A few days ago, my boss took me to coffee. She complimented my lipstick and asked after my weekend. I should have known something was so deeply wrong.


One Year

Summer has arrived. The elegant ladies of Jardin du Palais Royal have declared it so.


Enfin Printemps

Finalement, L‘Équinoxe de printemps est ici!  With the changing of the seasons, Spring brings a return to sunny, albeit crisp, picnics in the park, ballet flats sans tights, and daffodils sprouting in the most unlikely...


Exuberant Embroidery Lends Flair

As the end of Paris Fashion Week came to a close, I thought I had things pretty figured out, but Rahul Mishra’s collection The Village surprised me with its playful embroidery and interesting range...


Dimanche à Paris

I’ve become accustomed to waking up to church bells. Growing up in Southern California, the river of traffic lulled me to sleep at night, through the roar of motorcycles racing up and down Crenshaw Boulevard...


Très Très Chic

‘Twas the first night of Fashion Week, and all through the line, the stylish people were far from cloud nine. “Which is worse: waiting for the main act at a concert, or waiting for a fashion show...