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Open since 1999, 0fr. is a bookshop, art gallery, publisher, and project midwife. With “diffuser, distribuer, soutenir la créativité” as their credo, there’s not much they won’t do. Of course I was drawn to their tiny emporium of indie art books and indie magazines! I first encountered the shop when I was a study abroad student in 2013. I was looking for Fondation, a coffee shop a friend had recommended, but I couldn’t help but stop along the way.

Lured by tables displaying magazines I’d never heard of, I slowly built an appreciation for the indie fashion and travel magazine niche. Quelle surprise–there’s more out there than your typical grocery store glossies. Boat, Oh Comely, Holiday, The Gentlewoman, Cereal, Kinfolk—I was drawn in by their original concepts and thoughtful articles. Rather than relying on fast fashion, these travel and lifestyle magazines were magazines I actually wanted to read and eventually become a contributor.

Even better, 0fr. also hosts a small gallery space tucked away in the back. Sometimes it feels intimidating to take a look under the watchful eyes of the hipster shop staff, but once I head inside, I can’t help but feel silly for being worried at all! It’s a gallery!

Iris de Mouy‘s whimsical illustrations immediately caught my eye. A native Parisian, de Mouy works from her studio in St. Germain des Pres, whipping up illustration for Hermes, Colette, Le Bon Marché, as well as writing and illustrating children’s books. Petite Conne finished in December but I can’t help but post a better-late-than-never, visual ode to Iris de Mouy’s work. Simple and playful, her illustrations make me smile. I’d be friends with these mischievous imps if they chased adventure in real life too…

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