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Weekend Links #6

This week has been full of beginnings! I joined a new library, got back on track with eating healthy and making time to work out, and worked on my french in the evenings. My...

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Instagram Girl Gang

I’m borderline obsessed with Instagram. I’m a Millennial—I can’t help it! Generational stereotypes aside, Instagram gives you the world at your fingertips. I’ve loved discovering cool corners of Paris, new art expos, magazines, and...

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Weekend Links #5

Last weekend’s summer weather left me dreaming of beach days, sandals, and popsicles, but the clouds have rolled back in. I guess it’s still spring after all! It’s been another week of applying for...


Tasting Americana in Paris

Who would travel all the way to Paris to eat American fare?! For expats, however, there are moments when a warm baguette and baked camembert just won’t cut it. The only solution is BBQ,...

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Weekend Links #4

It really feels like spring! The sun is out, and jackets have been an evening afterthought. I feel so free—more so than I have in months, and I really do believe it’s the return...


Trumpets of Spring

Spring is springing! Daffodil season is finally here! I’ve always loved daffodils—or jonquilles, en français—for the irrepressible joy they bring with them.


Weekend Links #3

Last weekend, I found myself juggling visitors, personal projects, and my peace of mind. Juggling is decidedly not my forté. I chose two out of three and let my writing projects slide. This week...

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The Lost Art of Letters

We may give a collective shiver when examining stunning stationary, but how many folks actually bust out a full-length, let-me-spill-my-heart-onto-the-page letter anymore? Me, that’s who. 


Weekend Links #2

It’s Friday! Fri-YAY! This week has been so exciting, and I’m thrilled to say that the weekend will be no different.


Beginner’s Guide to Platinum

Transforming from brunette to platinum blonde is a rocky road. When you mention that your hair is naturally wavy, and that you’d ultimately like your hair to be a pale pastel pink, you’re facing...